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Birthdate:Feb 27
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
For bio info, check out my webpage.

If you're on my Friends list, note that I can't promise to read everything you post. I tend to read mostly those people I know personally. I use my Friends list as a way to allow people to post comments in my blog without automatic screening.

(For more information, see the following post:

When commenting on the posts in my journal, please be respectful of other people and their beliefs. We may disgree with each other, but there are to be no personal attacks. Also, please refrain from using obscenities.

For a variety of reasons, I have had to block anonymous commenting. If you wish to participate in discussion in my blog, you will need to do it from a LiveJournal account. Posts from people not on the "Friends" list are screened until I have a chance to unscreen them.

If I feel a comment is inappropriate, I will ask you to remove or rephrase it.

Michael A. Burstein

"The World Together" (Pangaea edited by Michael Jan Friedman, Crazy 8 Press, September 2015)
"I Remember the Future" (in the collection I Remember the Future, Apex Publications, November 2008)
Nominated for the 2009 Nebula Award for Best Short Story
"Empty Spaces" (in the collection I Remember the Future, Apex Publications, November 2008)
"Collapse" (Polu Texni, September 29, 2008)
"The Wizard's Legacy" (Heroes in Training, edited by Jim C. Hines, DAW Books, October 2007)
"Moving Day" (Visual Journeys, edited by Eric T. Reynolds, Hadley Rille Books, June 2007)
"Things That Aren't" (with Robert Greenberger) (Analog, April 2007)
Preliminary ballot for the 2007 Nebula Award for Best Novelette
"The Soldier Within" (Future Weapons of War, edited by Joe Haldeman and Martin H. Greenberg, Baen Books, March 2007)
Chapter 16 of "Your Title Here: Mike Resnick's Round Robin Spectacular" (, September 2006)
"Redemption in the Quantum Foam" (Space Cadets, edited by Mike Resnick, SCIFI, August 2006)
"Sanctuary" (Analog, September 2005)
Winner of the Analytical Laboratory Award for Best Novella of 2005
Nominated for the 2006 Nebula Award for Best Novella
"TelePresence" (Analog, July/August 2005)
Nominated for the 2006 Hugo Award for Best Novelette
"Pedagogy" (I, Alien, edited by Mike Resnick, DAW Books, April 2005)
"Seventy-Five Years" (Analog, January/February 2005)
Nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Short Story
Audio version available: EP053: Seventy-Five Years
"Time Ablaze" (Analog, June 2004) (novella)
Nominated for the 2005 Hugo Award for Best Novella
My fourth cover, courtesy of W. K. Gilbert
Tangent Online published a nice review of the story in their review of the June 2004 Analog here (excerpt here)
Preliminary ballot, Nebula Award
"Decisions" (Analog, January/February 2004) (short story)
Nominated for the 2005 Hugo Award for Best Short Story
"Lifeblood" (New Voices in Science Fiction, edited by Mike Resnick, DAW Books, December 2003) (short story)
"The New Breed" (Men Writing Science Fiction as Women, edited by Mike Resnick, DAW Books, November 2003) (short story)
"Paying It Forward" (Analog, September 2003) (novelette)
Nominated for the 2004 Hugo Award for Best Short Story
Preliminary ballot, Nebula Award
"In Her Image" (Analog, October 2002) (novelette)
"Reflections in Black Granite" (with Mike Resnick) (In the Shadow of the Wall edited by Byron Teitrick, Cumberland House, June 2002) (short story)
"The Great Miracle" (Analog, December 2001)
"Bug Out!" (with Shane Tourtellotte) (Analog, July/August 2001)
My third cover, artwork by Bob Eggleton
Preliminary ballot, Nebula Award (Novella)
"Spaceships" (Analog, June 2001)
Nominated for the 2002 Hugo Award
Preliminary ballot, Nebula Award (Short story)
"The Cold Calculations" (Absolute Magnitude, Spring 2001)
My second cover, artwork by Bob Eggleton
"Kaddish for the Last Survivor" (Analog, November 2000)
Nominated for the 2001 Nebula Award
Nominated for the 2001 Hugo Award for Best Short Story
Nominated for the 2001 HOMer Award for Best Short Story
"If Ben Franklin Had Gotten His Way" (Analog, July/August 2000)
"Debunking the Faith Healer" (with Lawrence D Weinberg) (Analog, June 2000)
"The Turing Testers" (with Joseph J. Lazzaro) (Analog, April 2000)
"Escape Horizon" (Analog, March 2000)
My first cover, artwork by Bob Eggleton
"The Quantum Teleporter" (Analog, February 2000)
"Whose Millennium?" (Analog, January 2000)
"Reality Check" (Analog, November 1999)
Nominated for the 1999 Nebula Award for Best Novella
Nominated for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award
"Vanishing Tears" (The Age of Reason, ed. by Kurt Roth, SFF-Net, August 1999)
Order the book for $14.95 from SFF-Net
"Hunger" (Horrors! 365 Scary Stores, October 1998)
"Nor Through Inaction" (with Charles Ardai) ( Analog, October 1998)
Preliminary ballot, 1999 Nebula Award (Short Story)
"Absent Friends" (Analog, September 1998)
Preliminary Ballot. 1999 Nebula Award (Novelette)
"The Parallels of Penzance" (with Stanley Schmidt) (Pieces of Six, August 1998)
"In Space, No One Can Hear" (Analog, July/August 1998)
Preliminary Ballot, 1999 Nebula Award (Short Story)
"Cosmic Corkscrew" (Analog, June 1998)
Nominated for the 1999 Hugo Award for Best Short Story
Preliminary Ballot, 1998 Nebula Award
"The Cure" (Analog, December 1997)
"The Spider in the Hairdo" ( Urban Nightmares, edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido and Josepha Sherman, Baen Books, November 1997)
Preliminary Ballot, 1998 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Acheivement in Horror
"Heisenberg's Magazine" (Analog, March 1997)
"Broken Symmetry" (Analog, February 1997, novelette)
Nominated for 1998 Hugo Award for Best Novelette
Preliminary Ballot, 1997 Nebula Award
"Sentimental Value" (Analog, October 1995)
"TeleAbsence" (Analog, July 1995)
Nominated for the 1996 Hugo Award for Best Short Story
Winner of the Analytical Laboratory Award for Best Short Story of 1995
Winner of the Science Fiction Chronicle Reader Award for Best Short Story of 1995
Winner of the 1996 CSW Bug Eyed Critter Award for Best Short Story

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