Another week, another bunch of posts to Facebook. (I wish LJ were as active as it once was.) So what was my week like?

On Sunday, I congratulated the winners of this year's Hugo Awards.

On Monday, I posted a picture of me with Harold Feld (also known as [ profile] osewalrus.)

I also continued playing the game Nomi and I play of finding band names.

On Tuesday, I expressed my shock at the cost of the new Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

And I noted a conversation between me and Squeaker, which is either cute or morbid, depending on your mood.

On Thursday, I expressed my disappointment in the movie "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug." And I also noted that my daughters are fans of both My Little Pony and Doctor Who.

And finally, I backed the Kickstarter for Chronosphere.

What did you do this week?

Let's go through the week! Here are links.

On Sunday, the family attended the Boston Comic Con. We had a blast. I posted a photo album called Boston Comic Con 2014. It includes pictures of Squeaker posing with cosplayers, me and the kids emerging from a TARDIS, me meeting some of my favorite comic creators, and more. Go on and take a look.

We also got a TARDIS and Dalek salt and pepper shaker set.

On Monday night came the news of the death of Robin Williams, and I posted something I call Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society, and My Teaching on Facebook. I decided to post it on LiveJournal as well, and for what it's worth, I got a lot of response to it on Facebook and none (as of this writing) on LJ. Moving on...

Tuesday I linked to a post by David Mack on the need for diversity in science fiction. Here's his post on LJ, as [ profile] infinitydog.

I also reminded people about the Kickstarter for Chronosphere. Come on, folks, I want to play this game!

And I took these pictures and posted them: Robin Williams Bench, Boston Public Garden, 2014-08-12.

Wednesday night we showed the kids the move Aladdin.

Thursday I ate lunch.

And today I posted a link to our new The Brookline Parent column, Adventuring Through Comic Con. But if you keep up with my LiveJournal, you already know that...

Well, this was an interesting week. It began with my sister-in-law requesting a 140-word short story from me for something called GISHWHES.  The next day, I decided to offer a story to any team participating if they would buy a copy of "I Remember the Future." (As I'll soon note, I ended up writing stories for 63 teams!)

I didn't have time to do much else this week, although I did see Lev Grossman for his book event for The Magician's Land at Brookline Booksmith last night.

And I was more active on Twitter this week than on any other week I can recall, due again to #GISHWHES. Take a look at my Twitter account @mabfan and you'll see what I mean...
So what was I up to this past week?

On Sunday we took the kids to the Boston Children's Museum, to play there with friends of ours who were visiting from Canada with their own twin daughters (and their baby son). Both of our kids said funny things later on that night.

On Monday I noted the 69th anniversary of the B-25 bomber crashing into the Empire State Building.

On Wednesday I linked to a Boston Globe column about a former professor of mine, Paul Horowitz, and his involvement in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). I also waxed enthusiastic about Sharknado 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy:

"Guardians of the Galaxy: You'll believe a raccoon can fly."

"Sharknado 2: I don't think a movie has made me this proud to have been born and raised in New York City since Ghostbusters."

And then today I posted a link to our new The Brookline Parent column, "Let It Go, Let It Be," but my guess is you already knew about that.

I guess it was sort of a quiet week on the home front, even if the news from the rest of the world was chaotic and sometimes bleak.
Highlights from the week...

On Tuesday evening, I introduced Sara Slymon, the new Library Director of The Public Library of Brookline, to the Board of Selectmen. The video can be found by clicking the link in the sentence before; it is cued up in the right spot.

On Thursday, I posted pictures of Muffin and Squeaker in Batman masks in honor of Batman's 75th anniversary.

I also asked if anyone had ever heard of plantar fasciitis; apparently a lot of people I know have. And yes, thank you for your "get well soon" wishes.

I posted a picture of me with Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Steve Grossman, taken in 2010.

I shared a link to an article called Gaza in Ten Points, that I think makes some relevant points about the current conflict.

And finally on Thursday, for so-called "Throwback Thursday," I posted a picture of my parents from their wedding day. Tomorrow would have been their 50th anniversary.

And you may find other things if you go scrolling back on my wall. Muffin made up a joke, for example...
This was so successful last week, I've decided to do it again. So what did I do on Facebook this past week?

Well, on Sunday, we held the girls' birthday party, which Nomi has written about in The Brookline Parent. I posted some photos of Circus Dynamics, who we engaged for ballon sculptures and face painting.

On Monday, I finished reading The Patchwork Girl of Oz to the girls. I've been going through all the original Oz books with them, and we're already up to the eighth book. I think they will be sad when the first 14 are done.

On Tuesday, I promoted the Kickstarter for the game Chronosphere!

On Wednesday, I told the world that my friend Paul Kupperberg had a new comic book coming out. Of course, I didn't really have to tell the world, as the comic was Life with Archie #36, in which Archie dies. Paul posted a photo, and I shared it.

On Thursday, I linked to a Boston Globe column by Yvonne Abraham, because it reminded me of something funny that Muffin has been saying. I even told Ms. Abraham herself on Facebook, and she liked what I had to say.

As for today, well, I linked to the new The Brookline Parent column, Party in the Park. But if you read my blog, you already know about it.

And here are some links I shared throughout the week:
3 of the Most Helpful Writers You’ll Ever Meet by Jamie Todd Rubin, in which he (um) praises me;
They're Dropping Like Middle Initials, an article from the New York Times (and when I linked, I made a point of defending my use of my own middle initial);
and the new "Weird Al" Yankovic song and video, Word Crimes.

This weekend, well, tomorrow is the girls' actual birthday, so a Sunday trip to the Legoland Discovery Center may be in the works...

Hope your week went well, and that you're looking forward to the weekend.

In an attempt to try to be more active on my blog, I will start attempting to summarize things I posted about during the past week on Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Twitter. Also, I'll update about life in general. Let's see if this works….

So what was my life like this past week? Well, Muffin and Squeaker were cute all week, but also often obstinate. I've been reading to them at bedtime from "The Patchwork Girl of Oz," and they always insist on another chapter even as they are fighting sleep. This results in them being overtired and then whiny. We're working on it.

On Monday I noted that a new book will be out in the fall, Legendary Locals of Brookline. I might be in it.

Also on Monday I asked people to share the title of one book they happened to be in the middle of, and boy did I get a lot of responses. Now I have a new list of books to track down and read.

On Wednesday, I wished for safety for my friends and family in Israel.

Also on Wednesday, I was excited to see that the superhero Firestorm is coming to the small screen as a character in the new TV show The Flash.

On Thursday, I posted a picture of a hawk from 2008, and Nomi met Chris Colfer.

Also, throughout the week, I posted interesting links, including these:
Writing tips from the CIA's ruthless style manual
Pictures from the Brookline library's Retro Technology Fair
An article about the retired Library Director (hey, I'm quoted!)

As for this upcoming weekend, I will sadly not make it to Readercon, as much as I would like to. But we will be having a birthday party on Sunday for the kids. I can't believe how many years it has been since they were born...

Hope your week went well, and that you're looking forward to the weekend.

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