I couldn't believe it. Today, I walked into my local comic book shop, and for the first time in my life, I was able to buy Action Comics #1. This wasn't one of the special reprint facsimile editions, but a real honest-to-goodness copy of Action Comics #1. Look below!

Buying Action Comics #1! Buying Action Comics #1! Michael A. Burstein purchases a copy of Action Comics #1 from Benn Robbins at the Brookline New England Comics. (Photo copyright © 2011 by R. Benton. All rights reserved.)

And can you believe it only cost me $3.99? The last time a copy of Action Comics #1 went up for auction, in February of last year, it sold for one million dollars. How did I manage to buy such a valuable comic so cheaply?

Well, for anyone following comic book news, the answer is obvious:

Buying the Real Action Comics #1 Buying the Real Action Comics #1 Michael A. Burstein buys the brand-new Action Comics #1, which does not cost nearly as much as the original version from 1938, from Benn Robbins at the Brookline New England Comics. (Photo copyright © 2011 by R. Benton. All rights reserved.)

Today DC Comics released Action Comics volume 2 #1, and that was the comic I bought. It's not worth one million dollars at the moment, but just in case it becomes just as valuable as the Action Comics #1 that was published in 1938, I bought two copies. (Don't tell [livejournal.com profile] gnomi, though.)
For an amusing take on Nick Fury recruiting superheroes for the Avengers, see [livejournal.com profile] gnomi's post No Really, We Talk Like This, Children's Book Edition.
The kids woke us at 5:30 am with wailing. After we got them and held them, and realized that we weren't getting back to sleep, Nomi offered to take care of all the kids' needs this morning while I went back to bed.

Thank you, Nomi.

Oh, also, I think there's a holiday today. :-)
It's 10:10 (EDT) on 10/10/10! Everyone celebrate!
For those of you who don't typically read [livejournal.com profile] gnomi, this may amuse you:

A New Metaphor in Chez Squeaker and Muffin
Anyone have an idea of what these Facebook community pages are meant to be? I ask because they apparently created them by mining Wikipedia, and since I have a Wikipedia entry I now also have a Facebook community page.

It seemed to me prudent to click the "like" button, which apparently means that my friends on Facebook are getting the status message "Michael A. Burstein likes Michael A. Burstein." Well, that is true, I suppose.

I also signed up to help make the page as good as it could be. Why? Well, because the page has the following message:

Our goal is to make this Community Page the best collection of shared knowledge on this topic. If you have a passion for Michael A. Burstein, sign up and we'll let you know when we're ready for your help.

Since I surely must have a passion for myself, there you go.
In honor of the BBC broadcasting the Doctor Who episode "Time of the Angels" this weekend, we present:

The Babies Have the Phone Box!

The Babies Have the Phone Box! The Babies Have the Phone Box!
Photo copyright ©2010 by Michael A. Burstein. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce.

(Note the TARDIS keys....)
One of my day job colleagues is an artist named Steve Rider, with whom I share a love of the TV show Doctor Who. A few weeks ago, Steve was showing me elaborate plans he had found for building your own Dalek, and I mentioned how useful I would find a Davros-style wheelchair.

Next thing I know, Steve has sent me the following piece of original digital art (posted with permission):

Dadros by Steve Rider
Dadros by Steve Rider
Copyright ©2009 by Steve Rider. Do not copy.

I'm very pleased to say that as of this afternoon, he has also gifted me with the original sketch, framed.

Now I just have to find something for my daughters to annotate....
So after a brief bookstore browse, I returned to my office and went to the refrigerator to put my lunch together. Which was difficult at first, because although my bread was where I had left it, the rest of my food wasn't.

Someone had literally moved my cheese.
As a parent of newborn twins – well, now almost eight-week-old twins – I've occasionally gotten a little bit punchy. That happens when you don't get much sleep.

One of the things we've been saying to our kids when they finally burp is "Good burpings!" I'm not quite sure where it came from, but there are times when one of the kids needs to burp, and when she finally does, she lets out a belch that would have made her grandfather proud.

Anyway, I started to come up with this idea of a whole society where the standard greeting for both "hello" and "good-bye" would be "Good burpings!" So two friends running into each other, or even two strangers meeting for the first time, would wish each other good burpings. In a way, it does make sense, as you're wishing for the other to be able to eat and drink to their heart's content.

But then I came up with the idea that that they would offer each other a bottle and pop the bottles into each other's mouth. At that point, I realized that this would be a much different society, one in which there was an implicit trust among all.

So do I extrapolate this whole society (either the first or the second) and write a science fiction story about it?

And, more importantly, should I start wishing good burpings to all my friends?
[livejournal.com profile] violetcheetah pointed [livejournal.com profile] gnomi and me to the following article from yesterday's Boston Globe. I have to say, I find it the most applicable article of child-rearing advice that anyone has sent us, given the circles we move in.

What to Do If Your Child Has Superpowers

Brother Guy Consolmagno, Michael A. Burstein Brother Guy Consolmagno, Michael A. Burstein
Photo copyright ©2009 by SP3.

Film at 11....
Robot Penguins!

Because really, what is there to say after that?
Apparently, there is no truth to the rumors that there are vampires at Boston Latin School.

Just, you know, in case you were worried.
Nomi and I have been very busy in the past few weeks, and some folks may have noticed that my blogging has dropped precipitously. I'll try to have more to say very soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this photo of a teddy bear staring into the camera with a Bob Eggleton painting in the background.

Bear and Eggleton Painting Bear and Eggleton Painting
Photo copyright ©2009 by Michael A. Burstein. All rights reserved.

Well, the Brookline TAB picked up the story in their blog at Burstein '08!, so I guess I'm an official write-in candidate for President.

Help me put together my administration! I need a Vice-President, and the following cabinet positions also need to be named:

Secretary of State
Secretary of the Treasury
Secretary of Defense
Attorney General
Secretary of the Interior
Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of Labor
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Secretary of Transportation
Secretary of Energy
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Secretary of Homeland Security

I also need a Chief of Staff and a Science Advisor.

My platform places the space program among the highest of my priorities.

And remember: today Brookline Town Meeting, tomorrow the world!

(Blog post fades away to the theme music from The West Wing)

Leonardo Eats Dessert Leonardo Eats Dessert
Photo copyright ©2008 by Michael A. Burstein.

In a private discussion forum, one of my favorite writers, Allen M. Steele, posted what he called "the plot for the ultimate fanfic novel." I asked him for and received explicit permission to repost it here.


Read more... )

If you liked it, go buy one of Allen's books.

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